Amusement Park Swing Ride for sale in Pakistan

Amusement park swing ride, a popular thrill rides and spinning rides, is manufactured with superior quality materials and advanced techniques in Beston Amusement. It makes the swing rides fairly popular in amusement and theme parks. Beston supplies different types of swing rides with different themes and capacities (16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats) for Pakistan market. You can find Watermelon Flying Chair Rides, Mickey Mouse Carnival Swing Rides for Kids, Romantic Sky Kiddie Wave Swinger Rides, Hurricane Chair Swing Rides, Shaking Head Swing Rides, etc. Which swing rides are you interested in? You can check here to contact us in Pakistan!

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BAR-SR1 Beston Swing Rides for Sale

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BAR-SR1 Beston Carnival Swing Rides for Sale

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Hurricane Chair Swing Rides for sale in Pakistan:

Hurricane swing chair rides are the new model swing rides in Beston, which is very thrilling and attractive in parks. We design and manufacture this thrill rides according to our customers’ requirement and the demands of market. There are two models according to the capacity: 42 seaters and 35 seaters. It is well received by all visitors in Pakistan parks.

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BAR-SR2 Hurricane Flying Chair Rides in Pakistan

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amusement park swing rides for sale in Pakistan
BAR-SR2 Beston Swing Carousel Rides in Pakistan

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Unlike the traditional amusement park equipment, this rides adopt the foundation-free installation, which can greatly improve or get ride of different disadvantages, such as the high costs of amusement rides and the complex installation process. In this way, the chair swing rides prices are much more lower and the maintenance costs are also greatly reduced. Besides, Beston swing rides with foreign advanced technology have the competitive edge of simple structure, quaint and elegant appearance and decoration, and excellent amusement effect. Therefore, hurricane flying chair rides are a popular and ideal amusement equipment in amusement parks and carnivals.

Beston Shaking Head Carnival Swing Rides for Sale in Pakistan

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BAR-SR3 Beton Wave Swinger Rides in Pakistan

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BAR-SR4 Beston Chair Swing Rides in Pakistan

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As a popular and thrilling rides in amusement and theme parks, the shaking head swing chair ride is kind of swing tower ride which can spin, go up and down, and change angle. Sitting in the suspended chairs which can spin and lift, riders can go up and down as well as spin around the central axis. What’s more, the umbrella in the top of the rides can change the angle and spin at the same time. The whole process makes it as if the riders are flying in the sky, very thrilling and exciting. Therefore, the shaking head flying chair rides are always the top choice of many amusement parks, theme parks, fairground, entertainment center, etc.

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BAR-SR5 Spinning Swing Rides
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BAR-SR7 Beston Theme Park Swing Rides in Pakistan

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BAR-SR6 Flying Swing Rides
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BAR-SR7 Swing Amusement Rides in Pakistan

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Beston manufactures and supplies different types of swing rides with shaking head for Pakistan. All these swing carousel rides are manufactured with superior quality materials, and advanced technology at home and abroad in our own factory. There are no extra costs on the rides, so the price is competitive lower and almost all investors can afford it. Are you interested in our flying chair? Please check to contact us here now!

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BAR-SR8 Beston Chair Swing Carnival Rides in Pakistan
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BAR-SR8 Amusement Park Swing Ride for Sale in Pakistan

Interested in our Swing Amusement Rides? Looking for to buy?

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BAR-SR9 Beston Ocean Flying Chair Rides in Pakistan

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BAR-SR10 Ocean Theme Flying Swing Rides in Pakistan

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Kiddie Swing Rides for sale in Pakistan

Kiddie swing rides are a popular flying chair rides for kids and it popular in amusement parks and carnivals. Beston designs and supplies different types of kids swing rides which is popular and welcomed in parks in Pakistan. The swing rides for kids are the variation of carousel rides or samba balloon rides, but many people think it is more interesting than them. Therefore, though it has a long history, it is still a hit in the parks.

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BAR-SR11 Beston Mini Swing Rides for Kids
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BAR-SR11 Beston Mini Flying Chair Rides
kids wave swinger carnival ride for sale
BAR-SR11 Kids Swing Chair Rides in Pakistan
kiddie swing rides for sale
BAR-SR11 Mini Wave Swinger Carnival Rides

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Beston produces the mini flying chair rides with durable materials and durable paintings, which make it last longer. This feature can make the investors make much more money than they think in a long period of time. As we all know, safety is primary factors when manufacturing the amusement equipment. So, we do a loy of efforts to guarantee the durability, quality, and safety measure of Beston mini swing rides, which are our win-win strategy and make Beston stand out in the industry. It can generate great revenues to our company as well as our customers. At the same time, we have earned the recognition of our customers.

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BAR-SR12 Fruit Swing Rides for Kids

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BAR-SR13 Mickey Mouse Swing Rides for Kids

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BAR-SR12 Kids Swing Chair Rides in Pakistan

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BAR-SR13 Quality Mini Swing Rides for Kids

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Why Beston Amusement Park Swing Rides Stand Out in Pakistan Market?

  1. The beautiful and elegant chair swing rides bring romantic and warm feelings for riders.
  2. Beston swing chair rides are always feature children’s favorite characters from movies, animations, etc. It can customized in themes and sizes, which are always attractive.
  3. Quality materials. Beston flying chair swing rides are built with quality FRP materials and other top quality materials and durable paintings.
  4. The swing carousel rides are made of high-grade automotive paint, which has bright color and is not easy to fade.
  5. Controlled by microcomputer, the swing rides are easy to operation, safe and reliable.
  6. Unique design makes it cover small footprint and accommodate more people.
  7. Safety Guaranteed. Beston carnival swing rides are of high quality and we pay attention to every details to ensure the safety. Besides, we equipped it with the advanced safety belt.
  8. Music and lights. Every Beston chair swing rides are equipped with music player and brilliant lights to add extra fun to your swing rides.
  9. Quality assurance and excellent after-sales service make it popular at home and abroad, and it has won many recognition of our customer..

How to Maintain the Flying Chair Rides Regular?

  1. The maintenance and operation should be careful and meticulous: inspect and maintain regularly.
  2. Inspect the main parts every day and lubricate it in time before operate it. Have the test run before putting it into operation no less than twice a day, which can guarantee the safety.
  3. Regular maintenance should be done every three month. Do the thorough cleaning and oil change for the exterior an inner works. Adjust the gap properly, replace the vulnerable parts and check whether the main stress assembly and weld seam are normal.
  4. Keep the sites and exterior of the swing rides clean.
  5. In the maintenance process, the relevant operators should takes the following measures:
    a. Take away all keys of equipment from the control board.
    b. Press the Emergency Stop Button on the control board.
    c. Turn off all working switch and main switch and lock them.
    d. Place a sign of equipment maintenance on the control board.
    e. Close the exit/entrance to ensure the unauthorized personnel or other visitors have no access the equipment.
    f. Wear the eye protective goggles and safety helmet at all time;
    g. The operators should always wear the safety belt when working high above the ground.
    h. When inspecting and maintaining, the operator should make sure all fastening piece, latch and split pin are fastening and secure.

Beston – Professional Swing Rides Manufacturer

Beston amusement equipment are exported to more than 100 countries and areas, such as Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Philippine, Brazil, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, etc., and we have built five branch companies and LBS centers in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. More branch companies are being built in other countries. In this way, it is convenient for us to supply full range of services to our customers. Pakistan market is our main market and we have built a comprehensive sales service system there. Therefore, customers in Pakistan can buy and use our amusement park rides at ease. Please feel free to contact us to buy swing rides an other amusement rides from Beston in Pakistan!


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