Amusement Park Thrill Rides for Sale in Pakistan

Amusement park thrill rides in Beston are welcomed by almost all riders in amusement and theme parks in Pakistan. Different amusement park thrill rides for sale in Beston Group can drive their adrenaline high, make them scream all the way, and bring an unforgettable memories for them. Besides, extreme thrill rides can attract visitors’ attention and they can not refuse to have a try even if they are afraid of it. It is necessary to add the thrill ride attraction to amusement and theme parks to boost your business or investment! Beston is your ideal choice to invest in amusement industry!

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Amusement Park Swing Ride for sale in Pakistan

Amusement park swing ride, a popular thrill rides and spinning rides, is manufactured with superior quality materials and advanced techniques in Beston Amusement. It makes the swing rides fairly popular in amusement and theme parks ...
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tagada amusement park

Disco Tagada Ride for Sale in Pakistan

Disco tagada rides are a fairly popular fairground rides in Pakistan for children and the young people because of the disco appeal. As the most widely seen amusement park rides in Pakistan, some people also ...
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buy breakdance amusement ride in Pakistan

Breakdance Amusement Ride for Sale in Pakistan

Breakdance ride, which is also called crazy dance rides, is a kind of one of the most thrilling and exciting spinning amusement park equipment. And the break dance carnival rides have a fairly beautiful and ...
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Pirate Ship Amusement Park Ride for Sale in Pakistan

Pirate ship rides, a kind of popular thrill amusement park rides in Pakistan, are commonly seen in amusement park, kindergarten, supermarket, preschool, residential area and so on. It also belong to the family rides and ...
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quality pendulum swing rides for sale in Beston

Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride for Sale in Pakistan

The spinning pendulum amusement park ride is a kind of thrill amusement park rides which makes circular motion along the horizontal axis, similar to the swing rides. Sometimes, in Pakistan, some people also call it ...
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Three Loops Roller Coaster for sale in Paksitan

Three-loop Roller Coaster and Family Roller Coaster in Pakistan

Last year, a park owner from Pakistan sent us an inquiry of purchasing the roller coasters. The our sales manager Alice Zhang contact with him in time and chat with the detailed demand, products details, ...
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Beston Amusement Park Thrill Rides for Sale to Pakistan

Beston amusement, a professional and leading manufacturer and supplier, offers a wide range of thrill rides for customers in Pakistan to choose from. We can supply different thrilling amusement rides to Pakistan, such as roller coasters with multiple rings or suspended, pirate ship rides, giant frisbee rides (including 360-degree rotary pendulum rides), Spinning Chair Swings, slingshot rides, rockin tug rides, swing tower rides, disco tagada, liberty music bar, top spin rides, swing rides, and so on. What’s more, customization is available and acceptable in Pakistan and other countries. From our company, you can buy the most amusement rides that can meet your demands and also we can provide you the optimum park design or project. Check to contact Beston here now!

Amusement Park Thrill Rides for Sale in Pakistan
BAR-DT1 Beston Drop Tower Thrill Rides for Sale in Pakistan

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BAR-ST1 Swing Tower Rides for Sale in Paksitan

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Leading Thrill Ride Manufacturer – Beston in Pakistan:

Beston amusement rides are very popular in Pakistan. Beston company has made our great efforts to produce quality amusement park rides, design new amusement rides, and upgrade our technology by introducing the advanced foreign technology in the past years. Until now, Beston has launched more than ten types of new amusement park rides, which are very attractive and popular in parks. Beston amusement rides are exported to more than 150 countries and build several parks in Pakistan.

slingshot ride for sale in Pakistan - thrill rides
BAR-SR1 Beston Slingshot Amusement Park Ride in Pakistan

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BAR-FP1 Beston Forest Party Amusement Park Rides in Pakistan

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Beston group have professional sales team, senior engineers, technicians and R&D department and after-sales service department to guarantee the quality and safety of amusement park rides and excellent and satisfying park projects. Besides, Beston has built the branch company in Pakistan in order to provide better customer service. We would like to provide better service for customers by high quality products, reasonable price, and instant responses. Welcome to contact Beston in Pakistan!

roller coaster rides for sale
BAR-RC1 Beston Roller Coaster Rides in Pakistan

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buy a roller coaster from Beston in Pakistan
BAR-RC2 Beston Roller Coaster Thrill Rides in Pakistan

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Beston Thrill Rides Price in Pakistan: Factors to Consider

Brston thrill rides are full of fun and excitement and are many people love to spend their time with the thrill rides in amusement and theme parks. However, a lot of people are not sure how much the thrill rides cost to buy. If you are open your park in Pakistan, you should know how much you will spend on the rides. As for this, below are some factors that play a role in the thrill rides price.

pirate ship carnival ride for sale
BAR-PS2 Beston Viking Boat Carnival Rides in Pakistan

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viking pirate ship rides - thrill rides in Pakistan
BAR-PS1 BESTON Pirate Ship Attraction in Pakistan

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  1. Types of thrill rides. One of the main factors that affects the thrill rides prices is the types of thrill rides. As we all know, different rides cost differently: some are relatively cheap and some can cost more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you buy amusement park thrill rides, many factors that make the thrill rides have different types should be taken into consideration. That is to say, the size of the thrill rides, the design of rides, the permanent or portable amusement rides, whether or not it is easy to assembled and dissembled. All these factors can have an influence on the thrill rides price.
  2. New or used. Maybe, the used rides are a little bit cheaper than the new rides. However, the new thrill rides that have never been used before are in excellent condition and should be a bit pricey. But it is more reliable than used rides, which is not easily break down and have a longer service life.
  3. Unique feature. Thrill rides are extremely thrilling and often operate at various peeds, which is very exciting! And some have other special features which can typically cost more.
  4. Where you buy. It is an important factor that affects the prices of thrill rides. When you buy a thrill rides, you will find there are so many manufacturer and supplier to choose from and do not know which one to choose. Different manufacturer have different prices and some sellers run sales and offers discounts on their thrill rides. Of course, the quality must be have a big difference. So, it is important to check out few manufacturers and suppliers, and choose the best one.
pendulum amusement ride in Pakistan
BAR-FR1 Quality Pirate Ship Rides for Sale in Pakistan

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360 Giant pendulum thrill rides in Pakistan
BAR-FR2 Beston 360 Pendulum Thrill Rides in Pakistan

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When buying thrill rides or other amusement equipment, you should not choose a manufacturer just according to the quality, or the prices, or some other factors. You should take into account all factors and choose the most suitable one or the best one that fit you. Think twice before make a decision!

Why Choose Beston to Buy Thrill Rides in Pakistan

Beston are a professional manufacturer of various thrill rides and other amusement park rides. Beston group supplies different types of thrill rides with different configuration. When you are investing in buying amusement park thrill rides or other park rides, please contact Beston! Beston have professional sales team and excellent after-sales service team, which can help you choose the quality amusement thrill rides for your park in Pakistan at reasonable prices. And if you are planning to construct a park, we also have professional park design team and can design a park according to your fund which can meet your demands and your customers’ requirement. What’s more, Beston has established a branch company and other countries. We can serve you more conveniently. Welcome to your inquiry and we will reply you in time!


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