Beston Indoor Playground Equipment in Karachi

The followings are a series of customer feedback photos of indoor playground equipment in Karachi, Pakistan. Our customer in Pakistan has bought a set of indoor playground equipment for kids and some other indoor amusement rides for the shopping mall in Karachi indoor amusement center. They contact our sales manager for product details of different indoor soft play equipment and send us the size of their sites, including the width, the length, the height. Then our sales manager provides the free indoor playground equipment design drawings for our customers, which are designed by our designers according to customers’ demands.

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment manufacturer
Beston Indoor Playground Equipment in Karachi, Pakistan

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This indoor playground equipment has been installed in the indoor amusement center in Karachi, Pakistan. And the soft playground equipment has attracted many visitors’ attention and is very popular in the amusement center. Our customers in Karachi sent us photos to tell us the great news and they felt very satisfied with our indoor soft playground. It contains different types of elements, which are very interesting and attractive for kids. Do not hesitate to contact us to buy our indoor playground equipment and many other amusement park rides from the professional manufacturer – Beston Group.

Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturer
Customer Feedback of Beston Soft Play in Karachi

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Beston Soft Naughty Castle for Kids
Beston Naughty Castle Playground in Pakistan

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Buy Indoor Playground Equipment from Beston in Pakistan:

Beston group, as the leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China, is always offering various popular amusement equipment, including the most welcomed indoor amusement rides – indoor playground equipment. Indoor playground equipment is widely seen in shopping malls, family entertainment centers, kids sections in theme and amusement parks, and so on. It also called soft playground, soft play, naughty castle playground, and so on. And it is created for kids to have fun and learn some skills and knowledge at the same time. Because the soft play, as an interactive ride, conforms to this increasing demands for kids and parents, it is well-recognized by a large number of investors and on the rise worldwide.

Beston Indoor Soft Play for Sale ( 211sq . m )

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indoor playground equipment for sale
Beston Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale (162sq. m)

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Beston Indoor Soft Playground Equipment Available in Pakistan:

Beston supplies different types of indoor soft play with different themes, sizes, colors to meet all customers’ demands. The popular themes and designs of Beston indoor soft playground are candy themes, ocean themes, bungee trampoline themes, and so on. There are also many interesting pieces of equipment in the soft playground equipment, such as the slides, tunnels, mini carousels, mini swing, and trampoline, and so on, which can be customized according to investors’ requirements. We also accept customized indoor playground equipment. Besides, we can provide pictures, videos, free designs, and 3D pictures after we confirm your order. Welcome your order at any time!

Kiddie Candy Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Beston Candy House Soft Playground (215sq . m)

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Residential Indoor Playground Equipment
Royal Ocean Naughty Castle Playground ( 231sq . m )

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Beston, as a professional manufacturer with required certifications and expertise, can supply a great variety of amusement park rides, such as thrill rides, kids amusement rides, family rides, theme park rides, fairground rides, carnival rides, spinning rides, amusement trains, pendulum amusement rides, etc.. Besides, Beston has a professional team of designing amusement and theme parks, indoor amusement center, water parks and so on. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have some demands!


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