Kiddie Rides for Sale in Pakistan

Now, there are different kinds of Kiddie Rides for sale in Pakistan from Beston factory in China, which is with excellent quality and reasonable prices. Beston can supply various kiddie ride machines for amusement and theme parks. Besides, our company is constantly launched new kids amusement rides to satisfy the demands of amusement market.

There are a great variety of kiddie ride sale and which type do you want to invest in? Need our help? We can supply the suitable children’s amusement rides for you as well as customize the kiddie ride according to your requirement. Please feel free to contact us now!

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Beston Group – Kiddie Ride Manufacturer and Supplier:

As the professional amusement ride manufacturer, Beston can offers customers the attractive kiddie ride amusement at lower price for their investment. What’s more, we always adhering to the concept “professional attitude, meticulous service, advancing with the times, constant innovation” to provide qualified products and professional service.

kiddie party rides for sale - kiddie swings for sale
BAR-CP Beston Carnival Party – Kiddie Swing for Sale

Model: BAR-CP
Capacity: 12
Size: W4.5*D4.5*H3.1(M)
Power: 3.5KW
Swing Speed: 8r/min
Weight: 2000kg
Running Height: 1.4m
Covering Areas: Φ6
Rated Load: 70kg*12

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self control kiddie rotary plane rides in Pakistan
BH-ZK16A Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale

Model: BH-ZK16A
Volatge: 380V/220V
Power: 11kw
Size: φ9.6m*6.7
Running Height: 1.95m
Running Speed: 1.9m/s
Covering Areas: φ12m
Capacity: 16

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Beston amusement rides, including the kiddie rides, have been exported to more than 100 countries and areas. The main counties and areas: Pakistan, Russia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Australia.

What’s more, Beston company has set up branches and overseas warehouses in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. And more branches and overseas warehouses are being set up in other countries and areas. The policy can speed up the promotion of products and corresponding services, which can enhance the market share.

Beston Kiddie Rides for Sale in Pakistan:

There are different types of kiddie rides for sale from Beston Group, the leading amusement park rides manufacturer in China. Each type of kids rides are welcomed by kids and families.

We commonly classify our kiddie rides into indoor kiddie rides and outdoor amusement rides for kids. In detail, the commonly seen children’s amusement rides can be composed of carousel rides, bumper car, amusement train, teacup rides, indoor soft playground, and many other small kiddie rides.

And these kiddie rides are widely seen in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, festivals or other venues. Therefore, kiddie rides in Pakistan can be profitable investments for amusement rides businesses.

If you are a businessman interested in amusement industry, you should consider to invest in Beston children’s rides. If you are looking for reliable amusement rides manufacturers, you can contact Beston group.

Why Choose to Buy Kiddie Rides from Beston

As a must-have in amusement parks, theme parks, malls, supermarkets and even mum-and-dad stores, Beston kiddie rides have always been the primary selection for investors.

Beston kiddie ride has features of colorful designs, children-friendly speed and music, as well as small footprint. Therefore, Beston sall kiddie rides will definitely bring great fun for children and make huge profits for our customers at home and abroad.

  1. Product quality. Beston kids amusement rides are made of quality and environmental-friendly FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and steel.
  2. Safety first. While providing enjoyment for young children, our kiddie rides feature the low-moving action and we put the safety first when producing the equipment. Our kiddie rides amusement have various safety restraints and meet the worldwide safety standards.
  3. Long-term revenues. As Beston kiddie rides can last for longer time and maintain less, which means long term returns from the investment. What’s more, small kiddie rides occupy less space, which can save the extra space for other kinds of rides.
  4. Customized available. Beston can customize the themes, colors, light, music, even the size, which can be more suitable for the specific preferences for different children. As a result, investor can make more money from their park.
  5. Affordable price. Beston has our own factory and provide affordable rides at reasonable price for small investment. However, it can bring profitable return and boom your business.

Beston provides cheap, safe and appealing kids amusement rides for you directly from our own factory with many other amusement equipment, such as thrill rides, mechanical rides, theme park rides, ferris wheel, roller coasters, frisbee rides, pirate ship rides, etc.

If you want to buy kiddie rides and set up a profitable business in Pakistan, Beston will be your ideal choice and will be always here to help you! What are you waiting for? Please contact us right now!

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