Three-loop Roller Coaster and Family Roller Coaster in Pakistan

Last year, a park owner from Pakistan sent us an inquiry of purchasing the roller coasters. The our sales manager Alice Zhang contact with him in time and chat with the detailed demand, products details, prices and some other information. After all details were confirmed, he came to Zhenghou City, Henan Province, China and and Alice Zhang led him to visit our factory to check the strength of our factory. Of course, he was fairly satisfied with our products and made an order of 3 loops roller coaster and family coaster from Beston Amusement.

Three Loops Roller Coaster for sale in Paksitan
Beston Three Loops Roller Coasters in Pakistan

BNRC-3M-1 Mid-three-loop Roller Coaster
Track Length: 440m
Track Height: 22.5m
Seat Capacity: 44=16
Car Number: 4
Power: 80kw
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Maximum Speed: 60km/h
Ride Time: 90sOccupied Area: 8536m
Voltage: 380V 50Hz Maximum Speed: 60km/h Ride Time: 90s Occupied Area: 8536m

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Quality middle 3 loops roller coaster rides
Beston Middle 3-Loop Roller Coaster Rides

BNRC-3M Middle Three Loops Roller Coaster
Area: 85*36m
Track length: 440m
Track height: 22.5m
Max speed: 17.01m/s
Operate time: 90s/round
Electric source: 380V/50Hz
Power: 80KW
Capacity: 16 persons(4persons*4cars)
With 3 rings

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Large 3-loop Roller coaster thrill rides for sale
BNRC-3B Big 3-Ring Roller Coaster Rides for sale

BNRC-3B Three-loop Roller Coaster
Track Length: 498m
Track Height: 25.5m
Seat Capacity: 46=16
Car Number: 6
Power: 100kw
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Maximum Speed: 70km/h
Ride Time: 100s
Occupied Area: 11545m

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After several months of manufacturing, transporting and installing of giant roller coaster, the most popular thrill rides in the parks, this roller coaster has been running more than three months. Last month, this customer sent us an “ Letter of  compliment – Beston” and express his compliment and truth of Beston Amusement. He says: “It is rare now-a-days to find a company that really takes care in their customer; however, Beston Amusement Equipment takes great care and I would like to pass on this message to their all potential customers”. Customers’ satisfactions are our final goal!

amusement park roller coaster manufacturer
Letter of Compliment from Pakistan Customer

Are you planning to build an amusement park, theme park, family entertainment center in Pakistan? Are you looking for some new model and attractive amusement park rides (thrill rides, kiddie rides, water park rides, indoor playground rides, trampoline park, super swing rides, drop tower rides, and so on.)?

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BNRC-FC1 Family Roller Coaster Rides for Sale
family roller coaster price lists
BNRC-FC1 Quality Family Roller Coaster Rides

Looking for to Buy Family Roller Coaster Rides?

Beston, as the professional manufacturer and supplier in China, can offers different amusement rides and design the professional park for customers in Pakistan. we have set up a professional teams and company in Pakistan more than two years. We can provide all customers in Pakistan the superior quality products with the competitive price, excellent quality after-sales service, and professional and timely guidance. Therefore, contact Beston right now whenever you are in need of assistance and amusement equipment!

More Amusement Park Roller Coasters for Sale in Pakistan

Beston Giant Roller Coaster Rides for Sale


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